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        1. Address:Linhai Chemical Industry Park Yancheng Sheyang County
          Fax :0515-82399589
          The business philosophy Develop personalized business philosophy, the "technology works, striving for excellence." My company has a professional technical team, with five graduate students and experienced technical staff of more than 20 research centers, a good experiment, the test room, ordered to undertake the production of various products.
          Products  The more the better product down the traditional, extended downstream products: high-end products the more refined the better. My company mainly produces formamidine acetate and downstream products, and the gradual development and production in the frequency of other downstream products pinacolone!
          Development cooperation To provide customers with reasonable prices, excellent quality products and provide good customer service, and strive to become the first brand in Northern chemicals. Sincerely welcome domestic and international colleagues to cooperate and establish long-term stable business relations and common development.

          Sales Hotline:0515-82398589
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