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        1. Address:Linhai Chemical Industry Park Yancheng Sheyang County
          Fax :0515-82399589
          Formamidine acetate
          English name: Formamidine acetate
          CAS No.: 3473-63-0
          Molecular Formula:
          Molecular Weight: 104.11
          Melting point: 158-161 °C (dec.)(lit.)
          Density : 1.124
          Water solubility : 832 g/L (21 ºC)
          Sensitivity : Hygroscopic
          BRN :  3563488

          Formamidine acetate is mainly used for a class of biologically active compounds such as antitumor agents 4 - hydroxy -5-- fluoropyrimidine such as the synthesis of cyclohexyl can also be used to synthesize six antifungal peptide synthesis Trichloropyrimidine and so on, in new drugs Development and synthesis of broad prospects for development and application of value, is worthy of study an important class of salts of acetic acid a squint.

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